Getting Started

Welcome to this starter guide to editing content on SFF Wiki!

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SFF Wiki is using the DokuWiki software so please refer to their documentation if you're not sure how to do something:

Also check the syntax page: Formatting Syntax

Creating new pages

To create new entries, easiest way to start is to type in the URL it should have. The convention is category/category/manufacturer-model###, with dashes in place of spaces.

For example:

After going to the soon-to-be page, click the little pencil on the right-hand side to add content. When done, click Save to save the new content and the page will be created.

Creating new categories

Creating new categories (called namespaces in DokuWiki) is very similar to creating new pages. The only difference is the address, which will be category/newcategory/intro.

For example:

The intro part is important, intro pages are special pages that serve as the homepage for the category.


For products, there are templates to use for the infobox, example here: FSP FSP400-60FGGBA

For PSUs the template is power supplies but the others will need work.