Welcome to the SFF Wiki Case page! Enclosures constitute one of the most important aspects of any SFF build, since they directly determine the size and form factor of a computer - as well as the performance, thermal, and other characteristics that impact day-to-day use.

In order to make research as easy as possible for SFF enthusiasts and newcomers alike, SFF Wiki divides enclosures into “sub-types” based on features and applications. Although retail and other sites tend to divide enclosures based on form factor, motherboard support only loosely correlates with enclosure size and functionality. Thus, by structuring entries based on actual use cases, we can make it easier to drill down to specific cases based on practical/human terms, rather than more arbitrary ones.

If you are unsure about your case type, check the Case Type page for help, or simply use the search bar to find the particular enclosure you're looking for.

Editing the Case Wiki

If a SFF case has a product page but is no longer available online for retail, please add that case to the discontinued cases page.